Minor things

Thinking,thoughts,emotions and every type of feelings that matter.everything that is close to heart really matters?

yes , it really matters but level of matter is different or vary person to person . situation to situation .things are major or minor its all about your priorities or concerns. even level of concerning things can vary even age to age.yes age can develop a margin level of change in your thinking , moral values and many things related to your life and personality.i always believe your choice defines your personalities.

about little and big things concepts every person have according to his own point of view but for me little things matter.behind little things their are lot of efforts ,emotions or sometime lot of unsaid things.some people give importance to planned with well managed things and sometime they just felt the whole world i simple little things.

i just received this cute little bottle with some beautiful pearls inside with small two notes from my lifeline,my best friend. i just felt as sparkle inside my eyes  enlightened my heart.opened the bottle and read the notes i just felt someone has written whole world for me in that two notes ,almost was 2 to 3 lines.

one time i received this cute little diary , i just write my fav quotes in it.

maybe for some people it does not matter.but it matters for me, it was close to my heart . this bottle is special thing of my room. i enhanced the beauty of it with fairy lights.lyrics of song vary from person to person from feelings to feelings and most probably from mood to mood the same way big andd little ,major and minor are all priorities but minor things has lot of efforts , thoughts, emotions and some time whole life can exsist in that little things

give importance to little thing.think ,act and take care of little things related to your relations,emotions and in survival.


Ms.jaffery became first pakistani MEMOSIAN AND MADELLA AWARD NOMINEE this week in Lausanne, switzerland at the olympic museum

Dy. Secretary Women & Sports Commission, NOC Pakistan Ms. Ada Jaffery graduated after completing her Executive Masters in the Management of Sports Organization (MEMOS) from The International Olympic Committee Olympic Solidarity at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland earlier this week. Her research project titled “Developing a Model of Education based on Personal Development, Life Skills and Olympic Knowledge to Empower the National Team Athletes of Pakistan” was nominated for the prestigious Alberto Madella Award along with other three nominees from Australia, Belgium and Mexico. Madella trophy was awarded to the candidate of Belgium However; Jaffery’s project was considered the best amongst Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Slovenia and Belize. A total of 33 countries presented their projects at The Olympic Museum and were given their diplomas by Mr. Patrick BAUMANN IOC Member – Secretary General of FIBA – GAISF President and a MEMOSIAN.

Pakistan Olympic Association is working in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020 and the special 25 Recommendations of the IOC to bring a substantial change in sports organization by bringing parity in Gender Equality. Young enterprising women from all over Pakistan are encouraged to join hand with Pakistan Olympic Association for the promotion of The Olympic Values. Ms Jaffery is the first woman to have been selected by POA for this prestigious course keeping in line with its policy of gender empowerment.

President POA, Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan has praised Ms. Jaffery’s academic excellence at this Global Platform. He was glad to share that Ms. Ada will be speaking at MEMOS Convention II on the concept of “Global Olympic Schools” to be held at Portugal later in December 2018. Gen. Arif added that it is indeed a proud moment for the country because such an achievement by a Pakistani Women depicts the other side of the story in contradiction to what is portrayed on local and international media.


Ada Jaffery

Pak-US Alumus IVLP 2017

Education Management Professional

Cake up (taste of life)

Peek freans come up with a new yummy food category.after a lot of year, pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, English biscuit manufacture limited , come up with a yummist taste and satisfied cravings, as they launched their best food category name is “cake up ”

Peak freans cake up consists of different type of flavours. As taste of this cake tells , it has four flavours in it chocolate,strawberry,caramel, double chocolate .its really soft , moist and delicious. Taking bite of this cake gives surprise effect because centre if this cake is filled with chocolate, caramel, and strawberry pulp.

This cup cake is full of nutrition and satisfaction for mothers . At the occasion, managing director ” Dr.zaleef munir” said ” we are serving nation by give nutrition by giving this biscuit for over 50 years. To keep this record and maintaining the taste a brand new food is adding in category , cup cake, for our consumers , who love our product and admire our product, with delicious flavours .

Ayesha junjua , head of marketing, said “real ingredients leads to real taste- truth is this if you are using taste , fresh and clean ingredients, it will add automatically a fresh , moist and delicious taste . Therefor our brand message ” real goodness inside”.

The product is for all age group people because all have need of nutrition and healthier food

This product also took step towards love , moment of celebration with your loved one with a sweet product.

For more information visit : http://www.ebm.com.pk

آخر کیوں؟

مجھے کسی اور بات کی نہیں لیکن کردار کی تعریف معلوم کرنے کی کافی جستجو ہے ۔ مجھے معلوم کرنا ہے کہ جس معاشرے میں قمیض شلوار کے علاوہ کچھ بھی پہنے والی ، دوبٹہ سر پہ نہ رکھنے والی، کسی لڑکے سے بات کرنے والی ، کسی کے سامنے بیٹھ کے کسی غیرمرد کے بارے میں بات کرنے والی،سوشل میڈیا استعمال کرنے والی لڑکی کو بد کردار قرار یا غیر خاندانی قرار دیا جاتا ہے۔ وہاں اگر یہ سب نہ کریں مگر کوئی عورت چادرمیں چھپ کہ مگر وہ جھوٹ بولے، غیبت کرے، طرح طرح کی سازشیں اور الزام تراشی کرےپر وہ باکردار ہیں کہونکہ وہ چادر میں ہیں ۔ البتہ مردوں کو ہر قسم کے کام کے ساتھ کسی کے سامنے بیٹھ کے کسی بھی لڑکی کا پورا ایکسرے کرنے کی اجازت ہے۔ اور شادی بیاہ کے موقع پہ بڑے کوئی عجیب قسم کے ناچ کو وہ مردوں کی محفل میں بیٹھ کے با خوبی لطف اندوز کر سکتا ہے۔اور باکردار اور خاندانی لیبل بھی قائم رہے گا۔آخر کیوں؟

علوینہ فاطمہ

To Feel

“pain demands to b felt” Pain and love is synonymous they both have same characteristics somehow.. they demands to b felt.. they want care precautions .. preventions and cure also ..

grief is not about changing you it reveals you.. it increases strength of u .. it realises you how strong how tolerated you.. how can u make yourself happy besides sadness .. how can you cope up.. how can u extract positivity from negative things.. your thoughts is basically you but your action is more dominent..

human is not for world .. world is created for human yes we can understand our power .. it depends how can we use that .. best way to use power embrace love , accept love , spread love .. live for love and ignore everything that makes u negative thats makes u distract from love …. ~Alveena fatima